dans l'atelier: little worlds

The little worlds


I made a range of volumes using simple material like cardboard, paper, paste and colour.

These symbolic architectures, towers and houses turn out to be some kinds of portraits or self-portraits representing psychological states.

Alienation and pretension, imprisonment, the desire to open one’s mind to others, be recognized and seen.

I added simple devices or material catching and diffusing light and colours modifying the borders and perception of the volumes from inside and outside.

Brought together, they form “The little words”, the metaphor of an emotional urbanization, a laboratory of sensual experiences


Michel Leonardi, March 2007




Our ego let us think that we are creating something new…

The traces left by (our) history prove that everything already exists… we just have to let things go…

While working with Michel, I assembled some drawings and pictures related to the creative process that has been started for a long time and which are traces left by a travel, a chance encounter or a place…


Virginie Pierre, April 2007


merci à Kristina G pour la traduction

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